Kick FIT is an exclusive Mr.Muzzles combo class made up of 50% Daily Ultimate Training Class(DUT) and 50% Kickboxing Conditioning. You will begin with body weight circuit drills that will improve your strength, core stability, speed and explosive power. The second half is dedicated to building up your striking, defense and offensive skills using basic foot work and punching combinations.


DUT is UFC’s signature high-intensity interval training class. This class is designed to help improve your over all functionally and physique by sending you threw a unique combination of weights, medicine balls, TRX suspension straps, kettles and more. If you like variety and fully body workouts this class is made for you.


Kickboxing Conditioning teaches you basic Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Western Style Boxing Techniques. This high energy class uses boxing gloves (available for daily use at no charge), heavy bags and is designed around some of the most practical punch, kick, knee and elbow combinations used by fighters in every day training. You will also be utilizing your core and abs in-between rounds. If a toned fighter physique and a rock solid core is what you seek, then this class is for you.


Krav Maga is an exclusive Mr.Muzzles combat class that will teach you precision striking and street/battle tested escape methods to spare your life; shall you find yourself in a hostile or life threatening situation. Trained and Certified by the New York Krav Maga Academy (KMA) Coach Rueben stays true to the original Israeli derived system using a mix of Boxing, Aikido, Wrestling and Slick Shots. If you want the next level in conditioning and bad ass self-defense skills this empowering real world class is for you.

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