About Us

We’ve heard the sales gimmicks, we’ve seen the marketing schemes and boy we’re not fans of the “sale ends today” pitch…so we’re putting a muzzle on all of them!

What you’ll find at Muzzle Fitness are passionate, experienced and professional coaches who are committed to coaching you to your health and fitness goals.

Whether this is your first time around or you’re a seasoned vet, you can rest assured we’re here to motivate you to your very last rep.


Your Coaches at Muzzle Fitness


I'm always trying to step my game up, it's just my competitive nature. Until I took a Kickboxing class as Muzzle Fitness, I thought my soccer practice was giving the best conditioning challenge ever. I trained over-sees and mostly have taken cardio style classes, throwing in the technical aspect of punches and kick really gave me a run for my money. I recommend Muzzle Fitness to anyone who's looking for a real fitness challenge. ~ M.T
Marcus T - Competitor